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Reef Sharks and Rays
of the World

The Shark Almanac

The Encyclopedia of Sharks

Sharks (Endangered)


Shadows in the Sea :
Sharks, Skates, Rays..

Shark Attacks






There are almost 400 species of sharks and over 500 species of rays and skates within the worlds oceans, and those numbers increase each year as more species are discovered and identified. 


The Suborders and Families of Sharks

Suborder Hexanchiformes

Family HEXANCHIDAE - Cow sharks ( Hexanchus ), Six or seven gilled sharks 
( Heptranchias, Notorhynchus )
Family CHLAMYDOSELACHIDAE - Frilled sharks ( Chlamydoselachus )

Suborder Heterodontiformes

Family HETERODONTIDAE - Port Jackson Sharks( Heterodontus ) Horn sharks or Bull-headed Sharks

Suborder Galeiformes

Family ODONTASPIDIDAE - Sand Sharks ( Odontaspis )
Family SCAPANNORHYNCHIDAE - Goblin Sharks ( Mitsukurina )
Family ISURIDAE - Mackerel Sharks ( Carcharodon, Isurus, Lamna )
Family CETORHINIDAE - Basking Sharks ( Cetorhinus )
Family ALOPIIDAE - Thresher Sharks ( Alopias )
Family ORECTOLOBIDAE - Carpet Sharks ( Orectolobus, Ginglymostoma, Stegostoma )
Family RHINCODONTIDAE - Whale Sharks ( Rhincodon )
Family SCYLIORHINIDAE - Dogfishes, Cat sharks, Swell Sharks ( Scyliorhinus, Galeus, Apristurus )
Family PSEUDOTRIAKIDAE - False Cat Sharks ( Pseudotriakis )
Family TRIAKIDAE - Smooth Hounds or Smooth Dogfishes ( Triakis, Mustelus, Triaenodon)
Family CARCHARHINIDAE - Grey Sharks, Requiem Sharks ( Carcharhinus, Negaprion, Prionace, Galeocerdo, Scoliodon, Galeorhinus, Hemipristis )
 Family SPHYRNIDAE - Hammerhead Sharks ( Sphyrna )

Suborder Squaliformes

Family SQUALIDAE - Spiny Dogfishes ( Squalus, Etmopterus, Centrophorus, Oxynotus, Centrosycmnus )
Family DALATIIDAE - Sleeper Sharks ( Somniosus, Isistius ), Spineless Dogfishes (Euprotomicrus, Squaliolus, Dalatius )
Family ECHINORHINIDAE - Bramble Sharks ( Echinorhinus )
Family PRISTIOPHORIDAE - Saw Sharks ( Pristiophorus, Pliotrema )
Family SQUATINIDAE - Monkfishes, Angel Sharks ( Squatina )



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Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium StandsAcrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands

Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands

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Jellyfish, Pankton Kreisel, Jellyfish Tanks

Jellyfish, Jellyfish Tanks and Plankton Kreisel


MACNA X, Marine Aquarium Conference of North America 1998 The Tenth Annual Marine Aquarium Conference Of North America

Presentation DVD's

September, 27, 28 and 29, 1998
Long Beach, California

Jim Wolf, Tyree, Fenner, Hovanec, Knop, Borneman, Goemans, Leng, Thiel, Pellata, Frakes, Carlson, Sprung, Riddle, Brockmann, Delbeek, Adey.