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Seahorse's, Mythological or Manageable ?


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Seahorses hold a special place in our hearts, whether it be due to their unique appearance, their mythological references, or the fact that it is the male who burdens the responsibility of child ( seahorse ) birth.

The reproduction of seahorses is truly remarkable. The male seahorse has a pouch, the marsupium,  into which the female seahorse lays her eggs. The male fertilises the eggs and cares for them for about three weeks. During this time, he aerates the pouch, and, most remarkably of all, nourishes the eggs through a capillary network in the pouch with his own "placental fluids". At the end of the "pregnancy", the male gives birth to 100-250 fully formed young seahorses of about 1cm in length. 

Seahorses are not easy to keep, and should not be kept by beginning hobbyists. If you have a little 'saltwater' under your belt and you wish to consider keeping seahorses the following articles and links should give you good insight into their keeping, feeding, breeding and the raising of Seahorses.


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