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The Tenth Annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America


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Thatís right, the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is going to Los Angeles, Long Beach California to be specific. For the first time MACNA will venture beyond the Missouri River, and the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles has the honor of hosting the tenth annual MACNA.

This MACNAís theme is "Fish and Reef, Past and Present", which is intended to appeal to both the fish or reef aquarists, beginners and the advanced, as well as, provide a retrospect into where the hobby started, and where itís technology is today. 

MACNA X will be held September 25, 26, and 27 of 1998 at the beautiful Westin Long Beach Hotel. Perched on the shores of the busiest Port City on the West Coast, and adjacent to the new Long Beach AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC, as well as, offering fantastic vistaís of the Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, and the HMS Queen Mary.

The MACNA X line-up will feature, for the first time, two of Germanyís leading Reefkeeping Aquarists, Daniel Knop and Dieter Brockman. These two should bring some new, cutting edge views to the MACNA Conference attendees.

JUST ADDED, Dr. Jean Jaubert, Professor of Marine Biology

Additional newcomers to the Conference are Phil Shane, of Quality Marine, the original Los Angeles fish and coral wholesaler, and Ken Yates of the Long Beach Aquarium. 

Nationally recognized talent such as Martin Moe, Bruce Carlson, Charles Delbeek, Julian Sprung, Mike Palleta, Dana Riddle, Steve Tyree, Stanley Brown, Larry Jackson and Jaime Baquero are also scheduled to make presentations.

Additional local talent will be Tim Hovanec of Marineland Aquarium Products, Jim Wolf, Marine Biologist, and John Dyer, Underwater Photographer.

MACNA X has also planned an outdoor Social Event, adjacent to the Exhibitors, and CompuServeís PetsForum Group will be providing an Internet On-Line Chat, and there is a Scuba Expedition with the MACNA X Speakers to Santa Catalina Island. And of course, there is the MACNA X Banquet. 

For your travel arrangements Los Angeles International Airport should be your destination. MACNA X has made arrangements for you to receive a discount with United Airlines, as well as, Super Shuttle, which will transport you to and from Long Beach. 

So, donít delay, sign up now, we expect the Hotel and the Conference to sell out quickly, and you donít want to miss this opportunity !!!!




MACNA X was hosted by MASLA, 
Sponsored by MASNA, and
Produced by Aquarium Design



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Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands
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