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So, you want to start a Reef Tank ?

Lighting, whether it be for a fish-only or a reef tank is very important, as well as, adds to the aesthetic value of the tank. Too much intensity, or the wrong spectrum ( color ), and you will grow more algae than you are prepared to deal with. Not enough, or the wrong spectrum ( color ), and your corals will suffer from it.

There are two basic types of lights for the aquarium, incandescent and flourescent. Within these two groups are a number of variations in style, color and intensity. The following articles should shed some light < s > on the subject.

Basic's to Lighting the Coral Reef Tank

Lighting, What you need to know

Ultra-Violet Radiation and Lighting


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Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium StandsAcrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands

Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands
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