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Introduction to Clownfish

By Stanley Brown
The Breeders Registry

 The genus Amphiprion presently has 27 identified species with several species in question that may represent hybrids (A. leuckocranos and A. theilli).  The genus Premnas has but a single recognized species P. biaculeatus, more commonly known as the spine cheeked or maroon anemonefish.  All species regardless of genus are found in Indo-Pacific waters.  There are no known Atlantic/Caribbean species.

Genus - species,   common (vernacular) name

  Amphiprion akallopisos,  Skunk anemonefish
Amphiprion akyndynos,  Barrier Reef anemonefish
    Amphiprion allardi,   Allard’s anemonefish
 Amphiprion bicinctus,  Two-banded anemonefish
Amphiprion chagosensis,  Chagos anemonefish
Amphiprion chryogaster,  Mauritian anemonefish
Amphiprion chrysopterus,  Orange-fin anemonefish
Amphiprion clarkii,   Clark’s anemonefish
    Amphiprion ephippium,  Red Saddleback anemonefish
   Amphiprion frenatus,   Tomato anemonefish
    Amphiprion fuscocaudatus,  Sechelees anemonefish
    Amphiprion atezonatus,  Wide-band anemonefish, Lord Howe anemonefish
Amphiprion latifasciatus,  Madagascar anemonefish
Amphiprion leuckocranos*,  White-bonnet anemonefish
Amphiprion mccullochi,  McCulloch’s anemonefish
   Amphiprion melanopus,  Red and Black anemonefish
   Amphiprion negripes,   Maldive anemonefish 
    Amphiprion ocellaris,   Common anemonefish, False clown anemonefish
    Amphiprion omanensis,  Oman anemonefish
    Amphiprion perculae,   Clown anemonefish
    Amphiprion perideraion,  Pink anemonefish
    Amphiprion polymnus,  Saddleback anemonefish
    Amphiprion rubrocinctus,  Australian anemonefish
    Amphiprion sandaracinos,  Orange anemonefish
    Amphiprionsebae,  Seabae anemonefish
       Amphiprion theillei*,   Theille’s anemonefish
    Amphiprion tricinctus,  Three-banded anemonefish

  Premnas  biaculeatus,  Spine-cheeked anemone fish, Maroon anemonefish

*there is some discussion concerning the validity of these two. A. leukocranos may be a hybrid.  A. theillei  is based on two specimens from aquarium dealers tanks, thought to come from the vicinity of Cebu, the Philippines (Fautin & Allen, 1994) 

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