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 Photo's courtesy of Phil Shane of Quality Marine

AKINDYNOSAmphiprion akindynos

ALLARDIAmphiprion allardi

CINNAMONAmphiprion melanopus

CLARKIIAmphiprion clarkii

LATEZONATUSAmphiprion latezonatus

MAROONPremnas biaculeatus

MELANOPUSAmphiprion melanopus

OCELLARISAmphiprion ocellaris

PERCULA,TRUEAmphiprion percula

SADDLE,BROWNAmphiprion polymnus

SADDLE,REDAmphiprion ephippium

SEBAE,TRUEAmphiprion sebae

SKUNK,ORANGEAmphiprion sandaracinos

SKUNK,ORANGEAmphiprion akallopisos

SKUNK,PINKAmphiprion perideraion

SKUNK,ROSEAmphiprion nigripes

THREE STRIPE:Amphiprion tricinctus

TOMATOAmphiprion melanopus ( ? )

TOMATOAmphiprion frenatus

TWO BANDEDAmphiprion bicinctus

WHITE CAPAmphiprion leucokranos


Photos are courtesy of Quality Marine and are not to be used without written permission from Quality Marine 



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Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium StandsAcrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands

Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands
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