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Starting A Saltwater Aquarium


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So, you want to start a marine fish aquarium ?

You have looked at them in the Fish Shop and seen them in the Fish Magazines, now you are ready to build your own glorious saltwater fish tank. What is the first step ?

The first step is to THINK about it !

There are many different approaches to a saltwater tanks as there are opinions. This article and the ones following it are intended as simple suggestions based on past experience. Let me first state that no matter what approach or piece of equipment you select, the main item for success is YOU, and YOUR understanding of YOUR system, YOUR inhabitants, and the amount of attention that YOU devote to it.

Lets run through the basic components of a fish tank. The tank, stand and canopy, the filtration system, protein skimmer, and lights. Once we have discussed those components its then time to look into the inhabitants of the tank which include the saltwater, and the choice of decorative corals and the fish. Once we get past those goodies, we then need to think about foods, feeding, and the maintenance needed.

If you have already been to the Fish Shop pricing these items you will already know, and if you havenít, then let me tell you that a saltwater fish tank is not an inexpensive hobby to get involved in, but what hobby is ? A properly set up and maintained aquarium can run into the hundreds of dollars not including the need for the monthly operating costs. This is not to say that one can not have a small, inexpensive, successful fish tank, but for most if you are not willing to invest the time and money required to do it properly, then its best that you leave those beautiful little aquatic items in someone elseís hands as our Oceans Life is too precious to needlessly cause its demise.

Speaking of our oceans life I would like you to be aware that there are serious issues, ecological and governmental, that are definately effecting the hobby at this time. 

Global warming, pollution, and the ever increasing needs of this planets population, are starting to take their toll on the coral reefs of the world. From Palau to the islands of Fiji, water tempuratures have risen to the point where coral reefs are bleaching themselves due to the stress. This results in the corals dying. The end result is that the reefs no longer provide the fishes with sanctuary and foods and the fish populations either move eleswhere, or simply decrease in numbers.

Due to these alarming decreases in coral reefs and their inhabitants many goverments are beginning to limit or eliminate the importation of marine species into their countries. In Europe many species of fish and corals are totally banned. Currently there are bills being discussed in the 'committee' levels of Congress that could eliminate the importation of many marine specimens into the United States. Whether these governing organizations are right or wrong, and whether they have truely done their research and homework, they are trying to decrease, what we as hobbyists, are bring in as aquatic pets.

My point is... if you are going to become a marine aquarium hobbyist become aware of your aquatic inhabitants requirements and needs. Treat your aquatic pets with the respect that they deserve.

Now, if I have not scared you away from a saltwater aquarium with what is involved, then you just might be ready to take a step forward into an exciting, educational and rewarding hobby.


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Acrylic aquariums, Fish Tanks, Aquarium Stands
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