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Banggai Cardinal Fish


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Pterapogon kauderni

The Bangaii Cardinalfish is the most recent and exciting addition to the marine aquarium hobby. Gerald Allen described this fish in 1995, and introduced it to the hobby at MACNA 7, in Louisville Kentucky.

This cardinalfish hails from the Indonesian Bangaii Islands, for which it gets its name. It is fairly endemic to these islands.

One of the fasinating things about this fish is it is the male who carries the eggs, in his mouth. Since its introduction numerous hobbyists have had several spwnings and hatchings. This fish is actaully easier to raise young from than the more popular Clownfish, and the live larval foods required are not as difficult as clownfish fry.

Ironically, for as easy as it is the raise these fish in captivity the large numbers collected from the wild have placed the Bangaii cardinal close to being entered on to the Endangered Species List. 

The following links should offer some insight into Cardinalfish.

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Raising Banggai Babies

Captive care and Breeding of the Banggai cardinal fish
written by Frank Marini Ph.D.
on raising banggai cardinals.


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