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Marine Anthias


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Anthias, Psuedoanthias, and associated species, are sub-members of the grouper family, which live in large schools and consist of males living within harems of numerous females. 

Anthias are small fish, most reaching only 2 to 4 inches. They display brilliant colors of red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. These colors are part of their territorial display features, and  aid in camouflage as the light fades on the coral reef. They have bullet shape which allows for quick speed for feeding or defense. Most often they glide around and may not even move much for great lengths of time, except when food is placed into the tank. Their mouths are large which is a trait of the Grouper family that they are part of.

Anthias live in large colonies around branching corals which they find shelter and a place to rest at night. They are active during the daylight and spend most of their time swimming above the coral reef, feeding on plankton. Their number of individuals within a specific school can be in the thousands. 

Schools are made up of smaller groups which are called harems with one male and approximately six to twenty females. 

Anthias are hermaphrodites, meaning they can change from sex to another, from male to female. They are all born as females, which are not as colorful as the male of the species, and at some point some of these females can become males. This sex-change ensures that there will always be a male and a female to reproduce.

Pink Square  Pseudanthias pleurotaenia

Sunburst  Serranocirrhitus latus 

VentalisPseudanthias ventralis 

LyretailPsuedanthias squamipinnis

QueenMirolabrichthys tuka

Bi-ColorMirolabrichthys bicolor

Dispar Mirolabrichthys dispar






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